Why is it Necessary to Know about the Reckless Driving Punishments in Virginia?

There is no doubt that the state imposes severe reckless driving punishments in Virginia for the reason of committing reckless driving. These reckless driving punishments in Virginia can include fine of $200 to $400, depending upon the severity of the reckless driving crime, jail term of one month, a year or even more. To judge, review and understand reckless driving punishments in Virginia, it is important to note that different judges can have a different point of view towards reckless driving or that they may look at reckless driving differently.

Some reckless driving punishments in Virginia can be too severe and harsh as the fine for speeding can come up to $250. Some would be inclined to say that this reckless driving punishment in Virginia is harsh, whereas others would deem it lenient. Eventually, this depends upon the judge who passes on the sentence. No guide can accurately provide what reckless driving punishment in Virginia is or what can happen for your reckless driving case.

Know About the Harshness of Reckless Driving Punishments in Virginia

Most people are accused of reckless driving for going less than 85 miles per hour and can face suspension of their driver’s license. This reckless driving punishment in Virginia can then lead to:

  • Applying for the driver’s license again
  • Paying the registration fee
  • Taking the driving test
  • Paying the fine as well.

So you can imagine, with just a simple over speeding violation, you can end up serving more than you deserve. Other severe reckless driving punishment in Virginia can include a possible jail term for drivers, who are going more than 90 miles per hour. If you are accused or convicted of going more than 90 miles per hour, then a reckless driving punishment or a possible jail term is imminent. Even if you are accused of going over the speed limit of 85 miles per hour, then it would be necessary and important to hire a reckless driving lawyer to save you from paying too much fine and to avoid the possibility of going to jail.

The problem with reckless driving punishments in Virginia is that the judge can increase the punishment imposed if he deems it necessary. It would also depend on your driving record or the demerit points that you have earned, because of your reckless driving. Your lawyer would need to come up with some effective defenses for your reckless driving crimes in order to prevent or avoid reckless driving punishments in Virginia. Similarly, there are prior reckless driving or other speed related traffic violation charges, which could come along with your reckless driving charges. Most probably, you would end up losing your license, so an experienced, professional and an expert reckless driving lawyer would be highly recommended.

Your legal reckless driving lawyer can apply some defense logic to avoid severe potential consequences.