Unlawful Vehicle Modifications Fairfax Virginia

It is fun to modify or decorate our beloved vehicle according to our likes and interests. Whether it is window tinting, fitting neon lights at the bottom, upgrading of the exhaust system or any other alteration to modify the car appearance, it is always a joyful experience.

If you are also going to modify your vehicle, note that all vehicle modifications are not legal I Fairfax Virginia. Be aware of certain unlawful vehicle modifications Fairfax Virginia so that you may not have to pay the legal charges for this act. Scroll down to discover the unlawful vehicle modifications, Fairfax Virginia.

  • Sound System: Embedding any type of sound system that disturbs the people of about 75 feet away from the vehicle and the volume covering the sound or alarms of any emergency vehicle is unlawful vehicle modifications, Fairfax Virginia.
  • Mufflers: The mufflers of the vehicle must be effective in preventing unusual or excessive noises of the exhaust system of the engine. Moreover, dents and grooves in the chambered pipes are also unlawful in Virginia.
  • Frame and Suspension: The clauses of unlawful vehicle modifications Fairfax Virginia are based on the dimensions of the vehicle, bumper height, and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).
  1. The height of the vehicle must not exceed 13.6 feet.
  2. Front lift blocks comes under unlawful vehicle modifications in Fairfax
  • The bumper height should be lesser than 28 inches for less than 4,501 GVWR vehicle.
  1. The bumper height should be lesser than 29 inches in front and 30 inches at rear for vehicle of 4,501-7,500 GVWR
  2. The maximum allowed height for front bumper is 30 inches and rear is 31 inches for the vehicle of 7,500-15,000 GVWR.
  • Engine: Fairfax Virginia requires emission testing of the vehicle engine. In addition, the maximum allowed the size of the hood scoop is 38 X 50.5 X 1.125 inches.
  • Lights: Front lights must be clear and non-flashing or non-rotating and rear must be red. It is restricted to lit more than four lights at a time. There must be a DOT or SAE stamp on all lamps. Blue and red lights are not permitted for passenger vehicle as it represents the Department of Correction Vehicles.
  • Windows: Non-reflective tint sheet that must allow 50% light at the front and 35% light at rear windows to pass through. The tint must be done above the AS-1 line from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Tires: the tires of the vehicle must not have any bulge, groove or exposed cords except those, which are specifically designed for grooving.

Penalty for violating the Law

It is important to know the penalty for unlawful vehicle modifications Fairfax Virginia is imposed according to the Virginia Traffic Laws section 46.2- 1049. This section states that a person found to be involved in unlawful vehicle modifications in Fairfax, Virginia, he/she would be charged with a ticket of $250.

Consulting a Lawyer

If you ever had been intentionally or unintentionally accusing with any unlawful vehicle modifications Fairfax Virginia, it would be wise if you consult with an expert lawyer or traffic ticket attorney who can provide you legal assistance in your case.