The Traffic Court of Arlington County, Virginia:

The Arlington County is one of the densely populated jurisdictions of state Virginia, therefore the traffic officials face traffic incidents and traffic violations on major roadways of the area with increasing number each year. The Arlington County, VA is the 17th judicial district of the state of Virginia, takes serious stand against crimes and traffic infractions through strict laws and stringent penalties

The General District Court and Traffic Court of the Arlington County, VA

The Arlington County, VA Traffic Court comes under the authority of the Arlington General District Court. The Arlington General District Court consists of Clerk’s Office and Judges’ Office.  The General District Court comprises of Criminal Court (3B), Traffic Court (3C) and Civil Court (3D). The Arlington General District Court holds openings for finding likable grounds in felonies and handles cases of misdemeanor.  The district court also has the authority over claims for compensations not more than $25000 and leads involuntary mental commitment hearings plus records like civil cases, criminals warrants and traffic citation are also processed by the Arlington General District Court. Hon. R. Frances O’Brien, Chief Judge, Hon. Richard J. McCue, Presiding Judge, and Hon. Thomas J. Kelley Jr., Presiding Judge, are designated district court judges of Arlington County.

Arlington General District Court Location:

The Arlington General District Court is located at 1425 N Courthouse Rd, Suite 2400, 2nd Floor, Arlington, VA 22201.

Representing Yourself in Arlington County Traffic Court:

If you have unfortunately been charged with traffic infraction or fined up for some moving vehicle violation in Arlington County, VA and called out by the Arlington Traffic Court for the further legal procedure, then it is very important to note down some important steps before you represent yourself in the court. The procedural protocols of the Arlington Traffic Court may differ from other courts in other jurisdictions of Virginia, therefore, it may cause you extra efforts and trouble on the hearing day.

  • Cell phones, smartphones, Electronic tablets, Laptops, Pagers, Tape recorders, iPads or iPods, Electronic communication devices, Photographic or video equipment, Personal data assistants, in short, any electronic device that has camera or the ability record audio/video is not allowed in case if you brought that in the courthouse you will have to go back and put it in the car and stand again in the line to get to the courtroom.
  • Glass bottles, aerosol cans, sharp objects such as knives and scissors, weapons, pepper spray and mace that is all the objects that can be used to do any physical harm in the court.

Arlington County Court gives the facility of discussing your case with the prosecutor but before that, you have check out from the courtroom otherwise you will be charged with absentia. To talk to the prosecutor, you must take the officer with you so you can together sort out some plea agreement.