Should the Government Impose Strict Restrictions on Teen Driving

Whether you are a parent who is eagerly waiting for your teenage son’s or daughter’s driving experience, or a family who is looking for guidance during the process for which the new drivers goes through, the government or the state should impose or execute strict restrictions for teenage driving.

The reason is simple for a number of facts, teenage drivers are new to the whole new concept of driving and can come across surprisingly high risks, which they are unfamiliar with and not know how to react at that very instant. Teenage drivers can face many dangerous scenarios while being behind the wheel. Therefore, it is the duty and sole responsibility of the state or the government to restrict them from driving at an early age. The purpose is to take all the necessary precautions and measures to undertake any anxiety or uncertainties, which they might feel, and replace them with appropriate actions, which they can take to manage the risks of driving on the road.

Young teenagers, who learn how to drive at an early age, must know about three specific goals, which are:

  • Know about the risks of driving at an inappropriate age limit, based on solid evidence
  • Gain practical advice from experienced drivers about the ways to minimize and reduce the risks, which can also be based on scientific and practical evidence
  • Be encouraged to the participants and cooperate with the concerned authorities, throughout the entire process, from learning how to drive, obtaining a driver’s license and then learning how to drive independently without any guide.

Overall Objective of the State for Teenage Drivers

The overall objective of the state or the government is to provide teens with all the necessary and helpful information, tips and advice about driving, risks associated with reckless driving and suggestions about teen driving, based on the most updated and latest evidence available regarding all the speeding rules and limitations.

There are proven ways that can help to reduce the serious dangers, which young teens can face in their first months of driving, especially when they are 1000 miles away and don’t know how to react on the road.

Knowing About the Risks Associated with Driving at an Inappropriate Age

Teenagers don’t know about the risks of driving. So what can be done to reduce such risks?

Family members know about the risks of driving, but teens don’t know how much or how best to react to certain speeding situations. Parents might think that their teenage sons and daughters can make it through but they need to provide a realistic and true picture of the dangerous risks, which can even cause death.

Family members must be proactive and vigilant to inform their children about all the substantial risks for novice teenagers. Driving at an inappropriate age represents the highest exposure to risks, which teenagers can face in their driving. There are ways to reduce such risks through active counseling and practical driving lessons, which can make them more self-aware in order to ensure safety for themselves as well as for others.