Should I Hire a Lawyer for Reckless Driving VA?

Many people don’t make it much of a deal if they get stopped for speeding. They consider it just to be the ticket that can be paid on their way home. This is not the case in Virginia. Many people don’t realize that upon reckless driving, they are actually being charged with a crime. What’s even more concerning for the drivers is that they may not be told about the type of ticket they are getting by the ticketing officer. Mostly, the process involves writing RD on the ticket, which may not be interpreted by many drivers as reckless driving.

Tickets for the reckless driving present unique type of problems for the driver, because these offenses can send you to jail in addition to causing your license to be suspended. Realistically, this does not happen on a usual basis, however, going to jail and losing your license over this crime is not uncommon.

Ways to Protect Yourself

The scary truth regarding Virginia’s reckless driving law sends chills down many drivers’ spine. But since this can affect anyone at any time, it is wiser to be prepared for everything in advance.

The simplest precaution is not to go over 80mph while in Virginia. Keeping your speed limit not more than 19 mph over the posted speed limit is another key.

What do to When you Receive a Ticket?

If due to any circumstances, you have found yourself caught up in this crime, what are the necessary steps to minimize damage to your reputation? The first step is to realize the charge you have been convicted with. Regular speeding ticket requires you to decide between paying the amount vs. hiring an attorney to get it dismissed.

But the charge of reckless driving requires a thoughtful consideration to decide in what ways you should proceed. To know the in and out of the situation in hand, one can call the local traffic lawyer who handles these cases and sees tickets being pending. Hiring them is not the only option. What they should be willing to do is to propose a realistic punishment overview that the judge could impose.

Realizing the severity of the situation, that one is going through is always beneficial as it empowers you in making informed decision keeping in view the potential costs and benefits of the decision being taken. If jail-time is not a punishment for the speed you being accused of, it certainly makes the situation a lot less stressful.

Talking to a Lawyer

The legal standing of every case regarding reckless driving differs greatly from each other. For example, the magic line imposing jail-time in cases of some courts is 100 mph. But there might be others who are willing to put you in jail over 90 mph.

What’s so Different about Virginia in this regard?

Drivers being critically tried for their reckless driving offenses make people question the harshness of Virginia. While there are multiple opinions, there is a mix of causes.

Some of them include political influences that want to earn public support by theoretically making the road safer through stricter laws every year. Financial issues seem to be at play too, where fines that go as high as $2,500, these tickets area source of hefty revenue for the Virginia government.