Prince William VA Traffic Law Practice

It is true without any doubt that traffic violation is a serious crime that can compel anyone for the misdemeanor charges that can cause one to confront suspension of driving license, heavy fines, and imprisonment. If a person is charged for committing serious traffic violation charges, it is crucial to consult the attorney to resolve the matter in terms of Prince William VA traffic Law practice. The lawyers of the firm represent you in the case proceedings and defend you to preserve your driving privileges and keep you safe and sound from confronting serious allegations related to traffic violations.

Reckless Driving laws and offenses

It is not hard to determine anyone charged for the traffic citation. For many people, these traffic stops are basically traffic citations. If your traffic offense in Prince William VA traffic Law practice is considered serious offense, you will definitely be accountable for reckless driving. The crime related to the reckless driving means excessive speed more than 20 miles per hour or speed more than 80 miles per hour than the set limitation, fails to yield at a traffic sign, passing illegally, racing and aggressive driving. These traffic violations are crucial to understanding the way they are carried out in Prince William VA traffic Law practice. In this regard, the assistance of attorney help to comprehend the sensitivity behind these laws.

Reckless Driving Laws

Reckless driving offense comes under the section code of 46.2-862. This section code of Prince William VA traffic Law practice defines the excessive speed limit. In this respect, if a person is accused of driving a vehicle with more than a speed of 20 miles per hour more than the limit, it makes person accountable for committing the crime. The seriousness of the crime compels an individual to take guidance of lawyers who can save you from the harsh penalties associated with the conviction of the crime. It can be possible that the help of an attorney can beat the charges imposed against the reckless driving.


Reckless driving comes under the Class 1 misdemeanor, and its convictions can lead one to pay at least $2,500 and imprisonment of 1 year with a suspension of 6 months license. The crime of reckless driving in Prince William VA traffic Law practice causes one to face an addition of demerit points in the driving license and also enhance premiums of insurance. The lawyers are fully aware of these legal complications and provide you quality defense against the allegations.

Benefits of Lawyers

Prince William VA traffic Law practice enables the attorney to tackle the complexities related to the imposition of allegations. The lawyers go through the entire case and build a strong defense to prove the innocence of clients against the crime. The hiring of the lawyers enable the clients to understand in detail about the sensitivity of the crime and provide possible evidence that can be utilized to make a strong defense. It also makes it possible for the clients to gain its self-confidence that he\she loses after the imposition of allegations. This self-confidence boost the morale of the clients and enable them to face the scenario on their own