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Falling from scaffolding, stairs, windows, cornices, beams, ropes, hoists and other structures can cause sprains, strains or even limb breakage; or traumatic head injuries, fractures of the spine, facial fractures and other internal injuries in the worst case, if perhaps the worker survives. If a worker is fortunate enough to return to work, he or she can continue to feel the effects of the injuries for many years or even throughout their lives and that may eventually shorten their career or their years of work. According to a well-versed Personal Injury Lawyer Stafford VA, many times, construction workers injured by a fall do not return to work and may be forced to receive full payments for their disability and also have to deal with the uncertainty of the future of their work at the same time they receive endless therapies, multiple surgeries and constant pain. Drug addiction and extreme depression are some of the consequences of these injuries.

Additional Protection for Workers

Recognizing that workers who perform their jobs from elevations or heights need further protection, Virginia legislators passed certain personal injury laws that impose absolute responsibility on building owners and contractors involved in injuries from construction work from heights. This means that the duty of these third parties towards workers who perform their work on ladders, scaffolding, roofs, hoists, ropes and other structures above the ground, is substantial, says an aggressive Personal Injury Lawyer Stafford VA. Contributory negligence on the part of the worker does not limit or prohibit recovery. If injured by a fall, claimants can sue the contractor or the building owner in court for substantial damages, far exceeding, and any compensation that the worker can receive from the Workers’ Compensation insurance. However, there are certain exceptions.

Due to the Virginia law, contractors and building owners are encouraged to be proactive in ensuring that scaffolds, ladders, hoists and other devices are safe and functioning properly. According to an experienced personal injury lawyer Stafford VA, workers who have not received training are more susceptible to accidents, and the law punishes those who refuse to ensure that the handrails are in place or that the scaffolding, ladders, hoists, pulleys and other devices used by workers are insured.

Another sad fact about falls due to construction accidents is that many of the injured or dead workers are immigrants who face language barriers and other difficulties. Because some workers are undocumented or cannot speak English very well, they are not given much or no training, says a reliable personal injury lawyer Stafford VA. Building owners or contractors are required to provide safe and adequate equipment to all their workers and to protect all of their workers from falls from heights and from being injured, regardless of their immigration status or language barrier.

In case you or any of your loved one has suffered slip or fall injuries, then it is imperative on your part to retain a reputable Personal Injury Lawyer Stafford VA to figure out if you are eligible for compensation and what steps you need to take to protect your rights.

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