How to get rid of Prostitution or Solicitation of prostitution charges in Virginia?

Are you charged with any prostitution or solicitation of prostitution in Virginia? You need to contact Virginia prostitution and solicitation attorney immediately. Majority of the states in United States are against prostitution and therefore they have strict laws against prostitution and solicitation. Virginia deals prostitution laws as major criminal offense and punishes the guilty criminals strictly. As per Virginia law code 18.2 section 346 B prostitution is:

“Any person who offers money or its equivalent to another for the purpose of engaging in [certain sexual acts] and thereafter does any substantial act in furtherance thereof is guilty of solicitation of prostitution.”

As prostitution is considered as a criminal offense in Virginia, the guilty person for indulging in sexual act against money is subject to heavy fines and imprisonment. The prostitution includes the sexual acts such as oral sex, adultery, anal sex, and fornication. Virginia prostitution and solicitation attorney guides people who are falsely accused for any such charges.

As per the Virginia’s code solicitation of prostitution occurs when a person is offering monetary reward to another person for engaging them in sexual acts.

At times, law enforcement members provides fake advertisement of prostitution and escort services, along with a fake contact number for carrying out sting operations. These sting operation has enabled the law enforcement agents to arrest many people who are involved in solicitation of prostitution. When a person dials that number provided on the fake advertisement, the police officer pretends to be an escort. The solicitors usually plans a meet up at any hotel with the fake escort which help the police officer in arresting them. Once the police officers have gathered enough evidences against the individual, a male officer would enter the hotel room to make an arrest. However, in order to make an arrest the prosecutor and the police agent needs to provide an evidence that the solicitor took any action when the fake escort made an offer to him. Therefore if you are charged with any such law you should first hire a Virginia prostitution and solicitation attorney to understand how the states treat these laws.

Virginia considers Solicitation of prostitution as Class 1 misdemeanor, if they are not involved in any solicitation with minor. Class 1 misdemeanor is normally punished for an imprisonment for a year or a heavy fine which can lead to almost $2500. However, in rare conditions where the solicitation charges are extreme the guilty people are even charged with both the fines together.

There are plenty of disadvantage of getting involved in any prostitution offense therefore it is important for a person to hire Virginia prostitution and solicitation attorney to get rid of these accusation.

  1. Any person who is proven guilty for carrying out any criminal offense carries a lifetime record of being arrested or charged with these fines. This affects the personal and professional life of that person, leading to loss of job
  2. Solicitation or prostitution may even lead to deportation in extreme cases if the person is carries “acts of moral turpitude”

However, hiring a Virginia prostitution and solicitation attorney may help you in getting rid of these false accusation as the attorney would adopt certain defense strategies and even understand the prosecutor’s possible acts.

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