Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Prince William Virginia

In the state of Prince William Virginia every year, there are about 10 million accidents, from trivial scratched bumpers in the parking lot to fatal cases involving dozens of cars on the tracks.

And it is very likely that sooner or later any driver will get into an accident (road accident). According to the auto industry and insurance companies, Americans apply for an accident to the insurance company approximately once every 18 years. That is, for life an average driver will visit three or four accidents.

That is why practically in any city and on any highway one can meet the advertisement of lawyers who offer to sue for injuries received in accidents. Usually, they do not take money from the victim of the traffic accident and work for a percentage of the winning (typically 33%). Such offices are willing to take action even if the injuries are fictitious or their weight is exaggerated.

Twelve states passed the law in the state of Virginia called as “no-fault” (without fault). In these states, both the victim and the culprit of the accident have the right to apply to the insurance company and pay the cost of their treatment if they are injured as a result of the accident.

“The insurance does not look, whose fault, and will pay. The law is that you can be treated for any reason, whether you are guilty or not. Well, people are going to be treated, medical offices are just happy. Therefore, many who have an accident think they have pulled out a lottery ticket and abuse it, “explains attorney David Treister.

“The aunt said that she was all right, and then went to the hospital and billed $ 100,000. My insurance cover was only $ 35,000. My insurance offered her to take $ 35,000 or suing me (in which case she would receive $ 100 a month from me). And this was considered a settlement (settlement agreement). Since that moment, she no longer had the legal right to file for me, since she agreed to 35 thousand, “he describes his experience.

“A friend did not hurt, but his son-in-law arranged for treatment. He, in addition to the procedures during the year, was paid compensation for damage to his health of 25,000, “Peter says about how you can suddenly become” sick. ”

Insurance not only covers the cost of treatment but also pays compensation to the victim. In the calculations, some formula is used that takes into account the age, the severity of the injuries (irreparable injury, for example, cut off the leg is 5, the displacement of the vertebral disc is 2 to 2.5 points). One of the factors is the number of medical bills. The higher, the greater the compensation.

Lawyers from those advertised on the tracks convince victims of accusations in any case, even if the injuries are fictitious (it is impossible to verify the authenticity of the statements of a person who says that his back or neck is ill). An insurance company is easier to “amicably” give an amount equal to the limit of damage coverage than to pay more for legal costs and get involved in legal proceedings.

“However, I never advise my clients to” be treated “if there are no real injuries. It’s not worth it. The probability of getting into another accident is high. If in the future a person suffers, the insurance may not want to compensate for the costs for damage again, “Trust explains.

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