How to Handle That Traffic Ticket in Alexandria Virginia

1- Pleading guilty to the VA ticket

An individual will plead guilty when he opts to pay for the VA traffic ticket upfront. This process is known as pre-payment. Before an individual enters a guilty plea, he should be aware of the following:

A- When an individual pleads guilty and pays his fine, he waives his right to a hearing:

– A court appearance can help you in reducing your charges depending on the type of charges. In some cases, you can even challenge your ticket.

B- Unless the individual has to appear, it is possible that he can pay his charges online or by mail.

C- The individual who is charged with the ticket will receive demerit points on his driving record.

– The number of points depends on the specific violation of traffic.

– Some individuals might be required to join a Driver improvement program.

D- Individuals might face a license revocation or suspension.

– Once the individual has a good number of demerit points, he has a high chance of losing his license.

– There can be certain violations that might prove to be serious enough that the license of the individual might be canceled out completely.

E- The car insurance company might increase the individual’s rates for returning customers.

If the individual does not pay his fine by the deadline listed on the citation, he may face additional charges.

2- VA tickets and CDL drivers

As a holder of CDL, if the individual is found guilty, he should:

A- Notify his employer within 30 days of the conviction.

B- The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) must be notified within 30 days of receiving a conviction in a jurisdiction other than Virginia.

These apply to all the drivers regardless of all the types of vehicle the individual is driving when he received the ticket.

Commercial holders may face stronger or harsher penalties than regular drivers depending on the state or offense. Depending on the presiding court, if the appearance of the individual is not necessary for court, they can pay it online, in person or by mail. The traffic ticket should be accessible and on site when the individual is paying the ticket.

3- Online

Tickets can be paid over the internet via the General District Court Online Case Information System. Once the individual chooses the presiding court, he has to find the traffic ticket case, follow the system prompts, pay fines, and print the receipts.

4- By Mail

The individual can pay a ticket by mail by sending a payment in an acceptable form to the presiding court that is listed on the citation that is mostly the Juvenile or General Court. On the general level, the citation will mostly state all forms of payment are acceptable.

There are though some variations depending on various factors such as an individual’s specific violation and when he paying the fine, i.e. payment of pre-court or post-court.