Who Have Grip On The Henrico Virginia Gun Control Laws?

As per the Henrico Virginia Gun Control Laws, people cannot use weapons in the public places. According to the new gun control debate, at the Connecticut elementary school, since December, the general assembly has stopped most of the new proposals to restrict, where people can take the guns. Virginia Government has taken very strict actions on the people who have violated the laws of the Gun control. It is very important to know the court sentence about the law violation.

What is Virginia Laws about gun control?

In the result of the violation there is a punishment of 5 to 10 years in the prison as well as fine of about 5000 dollars. Virginia Law permits a person who is 18 years old can own a firearm to have it openly. In Virginia a person of 21 years old can qualify to carry concealed weapons. Using these weapons, for violation, terrorism, threatening, or to injure someone is a crime as per the Henrico Virginia Gun Control Laws. The use of the weapons is prohibited on the public places as well as on the parks. These are not allowed to take on the Airports.

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