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In Loudoun County Virginia domestic assault is considered a serious charge. The cases of domestic assault are more likely to be charged under emotional influence and could become extremely difficult on legal level as well as personal level. It is most significant to find a local and well experienced domestic assault lawyer in Loudoun Virginia in order to seek legal advice and help who must not be only capable of approaching your case from a knowledgeable and rational perception but also be able to acknowledge and understand the concerns of their clients.

Understanding Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault Lawyer in Loudoun Virginia describes domestic assault as a physical or sexual assault and / or battery towards a member of family or a household member. The allegations of domestic assault are extremely hard to explain from the outlook of an individual who has been charged for the misconduct because these allegations come from a member of the family. Usually the victim is a spouse, sibling or another household member like a boyfriend or a girlfriend. In such types of cases, the alleged member is often not only facing the charges of a serious crime but is also managing with the emotional trauma associated with the cases of domestic assault.

Penalties of Domestic Assault in Loudoun Virginia

If you are involved in a case of domestic assault in Loudoun Virginia, it is recommended to find a domestic assault lawyer in Loudoun Virginia because domestic assault in considered as a Class 1 offense that could end up with a heavy fine of up to $ 2500 or imprisonment of up to a whole year.


A more likely punishment in case of a first offender is a probation that could last up to two years. In the maximum cases of first offense of domestic assault, which is not serious, the court mostly orders for a first offender plan where the accused member is treated with anger management programs and is obliged to perform some community services. During the whole term of probation, if the accused person does not attempts a domestic assault again than the court dismisses the charges.

Protective Orders

Each time when there is an accusation or a charge of a domestic assault, the court issues the protective order on an immediate basis for the next three days. After the three days, the victim of the domestic assault is provided with the opportunity to request for the extension of the protective order for period of two weeks up to two years.

How Domestic Assault Lawyer in Loudoun Virginia Could Help

Domestic assault lawyer in Loudoun Virginia by SRIS Law Group would take following three steps as soon as an individual approach with a case of domestic assault:

  1. Advise the person to cease every kind of contact with the person who have made the allegations and fully comply with the restrain order.
  2. Provide the details of potential witnesses
  3. Discuss the incident with every minor detail.

Our domestic assault lawyer in Loudoun Virginia understands the importance of having a knowledge of all the important facts about the case before proceeding in the court.

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