The contribution to delinquency of a minor is a serious offense in the state of Virginia as it is in most countries and cities in the world. If a person is convicted with rendering a child a delinquent the consequences for them are extremely dire and affect not only them but also their family and friends and social contacts.

Firstly, it is essential to establish what acts render a child a delinquent. It comprises of performing any kinds of sexual acts on children ranging from intercourse, forced or consented, phone sex, oral sex, anal sex or a combination of all these and more. These acts force a child into a situation where they not only have physical scars and trauma but mentally too, their emotional stability and state become extremely sensitive. They come into a position of needing services and feel neglected and unimportant. These relationship between the offender and child in these cases should be that of a stranger or at least not related in the form of spouse, child or grandchild.

The courts of Virginia have declared the encouragement of these acts to be part of cause of conviction and furthermore have stated the act of a defendant even participating in these acts to be a form of encouragement for the minor, after that no matter whether the sex or sexual interaction was consented or not, it becomes cause for conviction and charges for the perpetrator. All the cases in these situations are wrought with complications and complexities and each case must be viewed by the criminal justice attorney in order to decide whether a person has broken the law or not.

Once proved guilty however, it is impossible for the defendant to escape the consequences of their actions although these consequences greatly depend on the severity of the situation as well as other factors of age difference and consent. However the consent of minors is generally not considered to be valid owing to the understanding that as minors, they are too young and naïve to be able to give sensible consent and if they do give consent it is considered to be a direct or indirect result of coercion, force or even encouragement from the side of the offender.

In most cases, the age difference is large enough to classify the case as a sexual abuse one and hence contribution to the delinquency of a minor. The contribution part deals with factor of the adult encouraging or somehow making a child or a minor break the criminal law. This may mean that for the offender they may not even have been intentionally doing something to harm a child but for example if the parents of the child or guardians or caregivers put the child in a situation where they may be harmed in some way then those people may be considered to be contributing to the delinquency of the minor and hence may be charged accordingly. Therefore in these cases, contacting a good lawyer and coming up with a strong defense is the only way out.

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