If you have faced harassment or any kind of abuse, you can get emergency protective orders right away. Meanwhile, you can file an application for temporary protective orders (preliminary protective orders) through a court clerk within the state. The issue arises when you have to file the protective order against someone in another state. The … Read more

Difference between 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree sexual assault

Laws governing the crimes relating to sexual assaults are often quite complex to understand without having background knowledge. As diverse a crime as sexual assault is, it can often be too difficult to distinguish. Maryland categorizes sexual assault into four degrees of offensive sexual activity. Understanding the difference between 1st, 2nd & 3rd-degree sexual assault … Read more

Here’s what you need to know about holiday season and reckless driving

Majority of people spend their holiday season meeting up with friends, family and colleagues, which means a great deal of travelling is involved. Besides the traffic, the enforcements on the roads and highways of Virginia also increase during the season, causing a greater possibility of getting a ticket for reckless driving, speeding or any other … Read more

Should the Government Impose Strict Restrictions on Teen Driving

Whether you are a parent who is eagerly waiting for your teenage son’s or daughter’s driving experience, or a family who is looking for guidance during the process for which the new drivers goes through, the government or the state should impose or execute strict restrictions for teenage driving. The reason is simple for a … Read more

Drive Safe Today, To Not be Sorry Tomorrow

Decades of advertising and public information have led us to drive safer cars on safer roads. Despite this progress, however, the numbers of road accidents and fatalities is still staggering. In the year 2008, there were more than six million car accidents in the United States of America, which led to approximately 37,000 deaths. Therefore, … Read more