Aggravated Sexual Battery Virginia

Aggravated Sexual Battery:

The aggravated sexual battery is classed as a felony according to the code of conduct of Virginia. The law enforcement agencies of Virginia ensure that these legislations are followed by everyone living in the respected state. A person is convicted of aggravated sexual battery Virginia if he/she sexually abuse someone forcefully and the victim is at least 13 or under 15 years of age. These crimes can be convicted due to the mental incapacity or physical helplessness of the complaining witness. The suspect can be a parent, grandparent, stepparent or step-grandparent. The accused can threat the victim by using a weapon. The offender can also cause serious bodily injury to the victim. According to the code of conduct practiced in Virginia, one who is convicted of aggravated sexual battery can face serious charges.

Rights of a Victim of crime:

The victim of aggravated sexual battery Virginia is effected socially, psychologically and physically. The effects of long-term sexual abuse include depression, low self-esteem, and self-worth, emotional instability, suicidal thoughts or attempts, inability to trust, underachievement, etc. To combat such situations the federal and the state government provides basic rights to the complaining witness. Legal rights of the victim must be enforced to be meaningful. The judicial system of Virginia has passed the law to enforce victim’s right. The basic rights of the victim of aggravated sexual battery Virginia include:

  • The victim should be treated with fairness, care, and dignity by the law enforcement agencies and other officials during the trial
  • The victim has the right to be informed. The purpose of this right is to ensure that the victim knows services and resources that are available to them. According to the law of aggravated sexual battery Virginia, the victim can receive the notices of the arrest of the offender, bail proceedings, trial, appeals, sentencing, etc.
  • The complaining witness has the right to protection from any threats, terrorization, or retaliation during the proceedings of the case.
  • The victim has the right to reimburse some of the pocket expenses that resulted from the crime. The law of Virginia includes crime victim compensation, e., to give the complaining witness right to apply for compensation. The purpose of this right is to compensate the financial loses and to help them recover from the situation.
  • The victim has the right to revert the personal property seized by the crime investigators during the investigation.

Effects on the Accused:

To be convicted of aggravated sexual battery Virginia, the offender can be charged with harsh penalties. The possible punishments that a criminal can face may include jail of up to 30 years or a lifetime, a huge amount of fine of up to $1, 00,000, registration as a sex offender, etc. This leads a person to stress. The offender’s personal life is also affected by being convicted as an aggravated sexual battery. Registration as a sex offender negatively influences the future opportunities a person can have. One who is convicted of this crime should immediately contact an experienced sexual battery lawyer to fight against the allegation. This can help the offender to prove him/herself innocent.

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