Accident Lawyers in Stafford Virginia

Nobody wakes up and goes to work with the intention of hurting themselves at work. An injury or illness is an unfortunate event, regardless of when or where it happens. Not working, feeling sick or being in pain has nothing to do with the American dream, say accident lawyers in Stafford Virginia. In fact, having to endure an injury at work can be serious and frustrating.

For these reasons, the laws that are designed to protect the injured worker have been approved for more than a century. Certainly, the result that was intended was not frustration, nor should you have to deal with what happens with your claim for work-related injuries. It is very important to report immediately to your employer about any work injury, regardless of feeling embarrassed or the circumstances.

Your employer has already likely arranged for the benefits required by the Workers’ Comp to be provided for injured workers unless you already have a written notice in your employer’s file, stating that non-emergency medical treatment for a work-related injury needs to take place in a hospital or approved emergency room service for them, say Accident Lawyers in Stafford Virginia. Usually, your employer’s interest is that your initial medical treatment be coordinated through a doctor. If you prefer, you can choose a different treatment or doctor later; please review your benefit plan or ask your supervisor for the period of time and any additional information.

In cases of serious accidents and medical emergencies, the injured are transported by ambulance or helicopter to the nearest medical center. Although each benefit plan may be different, in general, these cases do not require prior coordination of treatment through the employer during the emergency phase, say Accident Lawyers in Stafford Virginia.

When an injured worker has non-subscribing employers, such as Walmart, HEB, Whataburger and many more, then there is a written contract or benefit plan delivered to every employee. If you do not have your copy, ask your employer for another one. It is very likely that your company’s head office has hired a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to ensure that all the benefits enunciated in the written plan are properly performed and delivered to the injured workers.  However, the most important thing is that they want to control the costs of having an employee injured at work, say Accident Lawyers in Stafford Virginia. What they say out there can hurt you, even when they want to help you, visit our page of Legal Defense Myths in Workplace Accidents

You and your employer generally want the same result, return to work once you are healthy and able to perform your duties. However, the problem arises after the injured worker realizes that he has been seriously injured and that it will not be so easy to return to work. At that time you must be sure about the medical benefits to which you are entitled under your Plan. The above does not always happen. In the likely event that they do not respond or are not helpful, you should contact an accident attorney, accident lawyers in Stafford VirginiaIf you have any concerns regarding an employment injury claim, then contact an experienced workplace accident lawyer immediately.